Harry Harrold

Harry is WAAP's lead writer and responsible for all things related to character creation and stories. He's a crew member, player and game designer. He has been a larper since 1983 and a larpwright since 1984, he thinks.

He blogs at larpx.com

Lauren Owen

Lauren is a seasoned larper with a deep-rooted passion for bringing untold historical narratives to life. Her interest in the roles of women in WWII led to the inception of Wing and a Prayer. As the project manager, Lauren spearheads the coordination efforts, ensuring smooth execution, as well as leading on player safety and conduct.

Nick Bradbeer

Nick is WAAP’s wargame designer. He’s a big fan of games which bring different formats together and sit at the overlap of LARP, computer game, tabletop, wargame etc. He’s been roleplaying since 1988 after finding a copy of the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide in his local library and LARPing since 1999. He enjoys a broad range of games from large fests like Empire to small club systems like Death Unto Darkness and Euro blockbusters like Fairweather Manor.

In his professional life Nick has designed and run a number of simulation-based wargames, for the Royal Navy, NATO, Swedish Defence Research Agency and others.

Thorsten Schillo

Thorsten is responsible for WAAP's software systems, which already powered the first two runs successfully. During the event, he'll coordinate everything that happens on the radar screens, making sure the players get to immerse themselves in a meaningful scenario at the peak of the Battle of Britain.

Thorsten is a professional software developer, who loves video games and found his way into role-playing through the PC RPGs of the late 90s. He began Larping in 2003. He's enthusiastic about using technology to enhance and extend live-action experiences for players.


Ian Thomas

Ian is the narrative designer behind Wing and a Prayer, and he writes about the design here. His finger prints were also all over sound design, telephony, scenography, video, and the event credits. He even recorded the music for the end theme, and it's safe to say the event wouldn't have been the same without him.

Liss Macklin

Liss is the producer of Wing and a Prayer. She's less of a hands-on role for this third run, but still checked the budget to ensure the event doesn't need subsidy from the organisers. She also sang on the end theme. Without her, a second run, let alone a third, would have been much less likely.