Allied Games collect information from visitors to this website. This information is never shared with anyone else, sold on, or used for anything you wouldn't expect. We take your privacy very seriously and work hard to keep this information safe. What data is being collected?

Cookies and site use information

Your IP address is captured by our hosts who store it within Europe and are covered under normal GDPR laws.​

Email addresses

If you choose to sign up to our mailing list, we will only ask for your email address. We use MailChimp to store and manage this list for us, as this keeps your data secure and allows you to easily manage your preferences in future. They are based in the USA and covered by Privacy Shield principles to keep your data safe.

You will be asked for your consent when you first sign up. We will send people on our mailing list updates on new games we run, and new projects we work on, as well as occasional other items we believe may be of interest. We will always keep these emails to a minimum and will never pass your details to anyone else.

Your email address will be kept until you unsubscribe, or until we decide to stop being “Allied Games".

When you sign up to one of our games:

On sign up we will ask you for lots of information, from how to contact you, through to your medical and dietary needs, next of kin etc. This data is what we believe to be the minimum information we need to process your ticket and provide you with a safe and enjoyable game. You will receive frequent emails from us about the game. Following the end of the game we will keep your information for a maximum of 3 months in case we need to communicate with you about anything and then delete all the details we hold, as well as any emails we have exchanged. This excludes payment details, which we are required to retain for 3 years following the game. If you cancel your attendance we will retain your data until 3 months after the game unless you request otherwise.

You have the right to see, correct or delete any of this information at any time. You can email us at to do this.

You are also free to complain to us at the same address about anything we do with your data, or to contact the ICO in the UK to pursue a complaint via their website